Joint Exhibitions

2022 March, (Solo Exhibition), Ahora Tenemos Coronado , Now We Are Crowned, TOSCA Art&Design, Ankara

2018 November, Tarlabaşı is burning, drama queer, Istanbul

2017 October, Persona Non Grata, Rebel Goat Initiative, Ulus, Ankara

2016 October, If it is a will, it is all mine, drama queer, Haymatlos, Ankara

2016 June, Where we have come from, Pride Week, Boysan’s House, Istanbul

2016 May, Ambigiuous and too hot, 2nd Mersin Pride Week, Harad Hammam, Mersin

2016 January, 5th Kuirfest exhibition, with Tom Kalin and dramaqueer ‘Aqui te esperemos’ Gallery Torun, Ankara

2015 May, Penindaplinena Gallery,  Cheapart exhibition, Limassol and Nicosia, The Republic of Cyprus

2013 December, CAMP Gallery (Contemporary Arts Meeting Point ) end of season exhibition, Athens, Greece

2013 Mart,  Penindaplinena Gallery,  Cheapart exhibition, Limassol, The Republic of Cyprus

2013 June, Cheapart Gallery, 16th Joint exhibition, Thessaloniki, Greece

2012 December, CAMP Gallery (Contemporary Arts Meeting Point ), end of the year exhibition, Athens, Greece

2012 October, Loods 6 Gallery Arts4elkaar, Cheapart exhibition, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2012 July, International Hacı Bektaşi Veli exhibition, Nevşehir

2012 July, Cheapart Gallery 15th joint exhibition, Thessaloniki, Greece

2012 April, International Art Day Exhibition, UPSD Gallery, Istanbul


2012 March, International Women’s Day exhibition, Contemporary Art Center, Ankara

Muñoz,   Muñoz , Portekiz

2007 April, ‘ Postcard for Mario Cesariny ‘ International Surrealism Exhibition, Gallery Muñoz,   Muñoz , Portugal



1995 Marmara University, Istanbul, Faculty of Communications



‘Dada is a virgin microbe’, Joint translation, kült, 2015

‘Long red factory chimneys’ All poems of Giorgio de Chirico, çeviri, kült, 2015


Articles and Translations

2000 – 2017 : Kasgar, lull, KAOS GL, Lubunya, Radikal, Todayz Zaman, Poetix Underground, bant, RH + Sanat, tesmeralsekdiz, Cagrilmayan Cemaat, Löpçük


Unfinished Film 2015

(Men) who knits


Exhibition organizations on behalf of the Swedish Embassy

2018 November, Ingmar Bergman is 100 Years Old, Zülfü Livaneli Cultural Center, Ankara

2017, Alexander Mahmoud, Portraits of Migration, International Migrants Day exhibition, Gallery Altı +1, Ankara

2017 November,  Where the children grow, Swedish children’s literature, 1st Children’s Film Festival, Yılmaz Güney Cultural Center, Ankara 

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